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The number of people involved in organized crime on the mainland has risen from aroundin to around 1. Since the new century, there are two academic books focusing on Chinese organized crime. Based on rich empirical work, these books offer how Chinese criminal organizations survive in the changing socio-economic and political environment.

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They were founded in Long Beach, California in the s as part of their cause to protect themselves from the larger, more numerous American gangs in their neighborhoods. Initially, a mere cause which connected numerous youth crews and gangs across Long Beach, Santa Ana and shortly after nearby cities, they are now an established network and identity of individual "sets" or local gangs. Its members identify gray as their gang's color of distinction, a custom and practice that has waned somewhat in accordance to the police crackdowns specifically targeting gang members, but members have been seen to dress in all black with a gray rag representing their set.

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The US state of Georgia has seen a rise in the number of gangs over recent years, [ when? Many gangs started appearing in Georgia in the mid s, as a result of the crack cocaine epidemic. InAtlanta police announced that they were tracking an estimated gangs.

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They were founded in the early s as part of efforts of protection [1] [11] for Southeast Asian immigrants and refugees from the more numerous American gangs in their localities. In the early s, the Asian Boyz gang was formed by a group of schoolmates, including Filipino brothers named Marvin Mercado and Pierre Mercado in Southern Californiaas part of an effort to protect themselves from the more numerous pre-existing gangs situated in their respective neighborhoods. Their identity also attracts notable controversy, being that the Cambodian sets are notoriously influential and decorated as their own faction of Crips that is, among other things, racially or ethnically distinct. Although the Asian Boyz gang comprise their own identity as an organization, the identity itself is largely interpreted as an umbrella of individual Crip gangs or "sets"; hence their alternative monikers "Asian Crips" and "Asian Boyz Crip".

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Gang-related organised crime in the United Kingdom is concentrated around the cities of LondonManchester and Liverpool and regionally across the West Midlands regionsouth coast and northern England, according to the Serious Organised Crime Agency. In the early part of the 20th century, the cities of LeedsBristolBradford including Keighley and Nottingham all commanded headlines pertaining to street gangs and suffered their share of high-profile firearms murders. Sheffieldwhich has a long history of gangs traced back to the s in the book "The Sheffield Gang Wars", [4] along with Leicester [5] is one of numerous urban centres seen to have an emerging or re-emerging gang problem.

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The Hong Kong triad is distinct from mainland Chinese criminal organizations. In ancient China, the triad was one of three major secret societies. Two features which distinguish a black society from a dark force are the ability to achieve illegal control over local markets, and receiving police protection.

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This is a listing of enterprises, gangs, mafias and syndicates that are involved in organized crime. Tongs and outlaw motorcycle gangs, as well as terrorist, militant, and paramilitary groups are mentioned if they are involved in criminal activity for funding. However, since their stated aim and genesis is often ideological rather than commercial, they are distinct from mafia-type groups.

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Gangs in Canada are mostly present in the major urban areas of Canadaalthough their activities are not confined to large cities. According to a police report, "The Hells Angels remain some of the largest and most powerful motorcycle gangs in the country, with growing influence in British Columbia and Ontario. Its presence has declined in other provinces due to police efforts, internal conflict and increased competition from other crime groups. The same report stated that Aboriginal street gangs are not as highly organized as other criminal organizations in Canada, but are amongst the most violent.

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The Wah Ching is organized into one large gang. Wah Ching often uses the number 23 to represent themselves and is also believed to have members in the United States military, government positions, and law enforcement. Wah Ching is composed mainly of young men.

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They were active in the s in New York City's Chinatown. There, as a youth in New York City, Thai worked at various different jobs, ranging from being a busboy to being a dishwasher for a Manhattan restaurant, and inThai met and married a fellow Vietnamese refugee. Struggling to provide for his new family however, Thai turned to crime, and infor a short period of time, David Thai was consigned as a member of the Vietnamese Flying Dragons, a small branch of the Flying Dragons gang, and as a gang member he occasionally committed robberies but was never caught. After a few years, Thai left the Flying Dragons and branched out on his own, establishing a budding multimillion-dollar counterfeit watch business.


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