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Woodstock is not about image. It's not about analyzing bonfires and looting frenzies and labeling an entire generation angry. Jimi Hendrix pouring his heart on a Monday morning mass of leftover hippies, singing "The Star Spangled Banner" with his beaming white Stratocaster.

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It was around 3 a. After far too many hours of fiery, rampaging lawlessness, the authorities had finally reentered the decommissioned Griffiss Air Force Base which was hosting this third and final Woodstock festival. A fire truck had put out a torched bus, and the acrid smoke now hung low on the grounds, mixing with the tear gas, adding eeriness to the ugliness.

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Post a Comment. I wouldn't say the Summer of was a lazy summer for a teenager like me at the time, but for one unforgettable weekend I was glued to a TV seeing what at the time were some of the best bands that music had to offer. MTV broadcasted the entire concert without any VJs talking over it I might add which made it even more awesome for those 3 days.

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Podcast: Play in new window Download. We have made it! This is easily to most anticipated episode of Podcast 99 thus far.

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The world needed a Woodstock What happened The mosh pits, rowdy crowds, riots, the heat

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For Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay, Woodstock is good for at least two things: shaking your stuff and showing as much of it as possible. He was addressing a woman in the front of the crowd as she removed her halter top. Jumping and jiving about the stage as as if sliding on ice, Kay repeatedly referred to the gathered masses as "party people" and encouraged them to let loose and "get down, get down, get down," he chanted, mantra-like, during one jam.

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The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. Whether rock music can actually change the world remains open for debate, but the team planning the largest music festival in Toronto's history might actually have the credentials to put it to rest. There's trouble in every country … this is a chance to give hope, and who'll do it if not the old Woodstockers?

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Captura de pantalla. It is burned into cultural consciousness, if you're of a certain age that is: old enough to be able to identify Ronald Reagan in a picture of a state funeral, but young enough to have not voted him in. It's less as an event and more as an ideology or a collection of images: Jimi Hendrix; grainy monochrome photographs of people lurching around in that odd, lopsided way involving a lot of finger wiggling that was considered dancing in the s; various disgraceful incarnations of trouser.

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Saw this between the Metallica and Guns n Roses sets at the Superdome in I've seen lady musicians do this but not actual audience members. HaircareThursday, 13 August ten years ago link.

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With temperatures hovering from the high 80s to, in some accounts, hitting the s, water became a necessity. There were some free fountains, but the lines to use those often resembled a Disneyland ride. Some were smashed in frustration, causing minor flooding in the area. The situation was so bad that, after the festival, lawyers for some festivalgoers threatened to sue organizers for negligence.