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Some sexually transmitted diseases STDs can be transmitted or contracted even if a condom is worn during intercourse. Condoms act as a barrier to STDs that are found in bodily fluids like semen, vaginal fluids and blood by either containing the fluids if the individual wearing the condom is infected, or protecting the individual who is wearing the condom from an infected partner. This goes for whether or not a male or female condom is being used.

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Sexually transmitted infections STIs are infections that are spread by sexual contact. While the incidence of reported STIs has actually declined in the United States in the last decade, the number of these infections in children and teenagers is still very high. Bacteria or viruses cause STIs.

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Whether you use latex male condoms or female condoms, they are both very effective in preventing HIV and many other STDs when used the right way every time. Condoms may prevent the spread of other STDs, like the Human Papillomavirus HPV, genital or venereal warts or genital herpes, only when the condom covers the infected areas or sores. To find out if you might have an STD, visit your doctor or clinic as soon as you can.

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Consistent and correct use of the male latex condom reduces the risk of sexually transmitted disease STD and human immunodeficiency virus HIV transmission. However, condom use cannot provide absolute protection against any STD. The most reliable ways to avoid transmission of STDs are to abstain from sexual activity, or to be in a long-term mutually monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner.

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The basic function of a condom is to prevent the transmission of semen. By stopping that one thing, you can prevent both pregnancy and the spread of tons of STIs during intercourse. Note: Lambskin condoms are effective for preventing pregnancy but should not be used for STI prevention, as the small particles are able to penetrate them.

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In the United States, STI rates continue to rise, with estimates of 20 million new STI cases developing each year, half of which are among young people 1. Can you get an STI from a toilet seat? Can you get one the first time you have sex?

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Condoms are also readily available at your nearest convenience or drug store. A condom creates a barrier between you and your partner during sex. It prevents your skin and fluids from coming into contact with that of the other person.

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Having sex means having the risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection STIbut there are many ways to reduce that risk. Everyone has the right to decide what they want to do with their body, including which protection to use. Read on to get informed so you can make the best decisions for you.

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As their name implies, barrier methods provide some sort of physical protection between you and your partner during sex. In other words, they are a barrier. However, there are also other barriers that can also be used to make sex safer and protect against sexually transmitted diseases. It is also reasonably effective at reducing skin to skin transmission of certain diseases.


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